Sasho Jandreski announced new medical project, this one being about Cancers

Published on 4 May 2021 at 11:59

Sasho Jandreski with a new medical project, this one being about Cancers


After the medical innovation which Sasho Jandreski  published in 2019, two days ago he announced a new medical research, cancers and their development will be researched by he and his team. 

As the General Director of the research  - Sasho Jandreski has told us that the team  which will work on this project is currently being formed and that he will choose the most experienced professors and assistants who will work on the project. Sasho Jandreski has also mentioned that at this moment is to early to come up with the official information about the specific parts of the research project. The only official information that we are given is that a few universities and institutes will be involved in his new project.




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