Interview on Sitel TV, final preparations for publication of MSMJ - Jandreev Syringe

Published on 3 September 2019 at 21:46

On this interview I am inviting all of the people who are interested to be a part of the publication , and on this interview for the first time the patent was shown on picture.

Sasho, first of all, how did the idea for this really interesting and unique innovation come about?


The idea itself comes from November 2018, where I start working on this project on my own. Version 1 of this syringe is quite complicated and with a lot of mechanisms, so its price would be more expensive and the economy would not be in the first place, so then my team and I made version 2 of the syringe that we patented. This version requires only one mechanism and with that mechanism the syringe reaches the same criteria that it would reach with the previous many mechanisms, but otherwise it saves a large amount of plastic, and thus saves more finances and the price would be lower. .


Will this syringe be disposable like the current syringes used?


That's right, all syringes are disposable in medicine, although these current syringes can somehow be used 2 or 3 times, it is illegal and against the injection injection protocol. My syringe does not have that possibility to be used for the second or third time, because those blockers are placed in the syringe itself and thus the needle itself is locked in the volume capsule and there is no possibility to use it again.


To be clear, the syringe has not been made yet, the prototype of the syringe should be ready these days, it is made here in Prilep, but here for the first time for us, will you exclusively show us photos of it?


Exactly like this, the syringe consists of 3 basic parts: the volume capsule, the head of the volume capsule and the pressure handle. My syringe uses ordinary needle models that are still used today. All those needles are of different sizes, you know you have that standard size, here the head of the needle is colored green and the other smaller and larger dimensions of the needles. Because my syringe would be compatible with all those needle sizes, and there would be only a slight difference in the pressure handle.


If you were to ask why this syringe, and not the others that are currently in use, what do you answer, what are the benefits of this syringe?


There are more answers here, but in this interview I will present the ones that are most important. First, the health care professional with this syringe, when giving the therapy, has no contact with the patient to whom he is giving it. The syringe is compatible for both venous and muscular therapy, so as I said after the first use the needle locks and there is no possibility to use it again. To make it easier to dose, there are two measuring scales and one measuring scale is much rarer, and while the other is much more frequent, ie on one scale we work with tenths of a milliliter, and on the other scale with halves of a milliliter.


Above all, the question arises about the economic viability, would the price of this syringe be more or less the same as the price of the syringes that are now used?


Some smaller research has to be done for that, but after our calculations, which I repeat are not 100% sure, the price comes to be a few percent higher than the current syringes, but we must take into account that this syringe of mine replaces all previous ones. syringe models, save an enormous amount of plastic and protect the health workers themselves from Hepatitis B and C. I am working with my team that was formed in February 2019.


On this occasion, I have to greet Professor Stefani Videska who teaches at the high school "Mirce Acev" in Prilep and is a professor of Macedonian language and literature. Then Professor Monika Jankuloski who is a graduate professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Skopje in the field of mathematics and Professor Natasha Mileska Mihajloska, who is also a graduate professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in the field of teaching biology. In my whole project, Professor Stefani Videska is in charge of all literature and lexicon, Professor Monika Jankuloski is in charge of all graphs, calculations about the economy, saving and consumption of plastics and Professor Natasha Mileska Mihajloska is in charge of the entire administration and research for plastics.


When I already mention the biodegradable plastic, I must mention that for the first time in our country and I hope in Europe, there is a production of biodegradable plastic, ie there is a production of a medical syringe that is made of biodegradable plastic. My patent application also states that my syringe has 2 versions.


The first version is that the syringe can be made of ordinary plastic, just as today's plastic syringes are made, a plastic that cannot be decomposed. The second version of the syringe is the one where the syringe is produced from bio-building plastic, ie where the plastic can be decomposed and will not be harmful to the environment. There are some gains, but also some losses in relation to the company that wants to produce it. If they decide to produce from ordinary plastic, the economy would be in the first place, and the ecology in the second. And if they decide to produce biodegradable plastic, then in the first place will be the ecology, and in the second place the economy. That version was produced because there are countries like Germany, Norway,


As we said, on September 20, for the first time this syringe will be shown to doctors not only from Prilep, but from all over Macedonia. Have any of the professors at the medical school, some experts, seen this syringe, talked about its benefits, etc.?


Before the syringe was patented, I was not allowed to publish it anywhere, for the first time you see it in the picture, here is a model of what it will look like, with my team, in contact with the Ministry of Health, personally Minister Venko Filipce gave an accurate recommendation that the syringe is good for function, that it is good for the whole society and that all those criteria that I wanted to reach and achieved with the production of this syringe are protected, more precisely with the design, and I hope with the production further.


Will there be a debate on the pros and cons of this syringe at the syringe publication?


Of course there will be, I invite you to be present at the publication, by presenting this product for the first time at the publication, it will be seen by all health professionals, including veterinarians, pharmacists, all laboratories in the city of Prilep, doctors, the nurses, with the fact that after that a debate will be opened in which all opinions will be expressed, and I on the contrary have to give the appropriate answer if something is not clear to them. The publication itself will provide written opinions of all licensed health professionals, which I would use as evidence in my further advancement of the project itself.


Have you thought about where you would offer it, to which company?


I would not name companies at the moment because in Macedonia there are several companies that produce medical equipment, and accordingly there are large companies in Bulgaria and Germany, and I must also mention Slovenia, with the fact that after the publication there is a period of clinical testing, which we will decide whether to conduct or not, because it can be conducted by the company that will produce it. We go to fairs, or if the company that wants to produce it is found immediately, it takes over the project, by buying the model from us, we continue to cooperate so that the syringe itself will come into production, and the citizens themselves will be able to do it. buy from pharmacies.


As a young innovator who has patented such a truly unique product in Macedonia, where do you see yourself in the future?


I see myself in the future, above all to finish high school and I am glad to be a student at the Mirce Acev High School in Prilep, but I must mention and at this moment I greet all the professors who teach me and the principal, by the fact that in the future I look at one of the Slavic faculties, whether in Ljubljana or Maribor studying medicine, and then one day I would like to be a successful doctor who will save many lives.


In Macedonia or abroad?


I am currently thinking outside of it, but I can not say that something will be, because above all there are many years until I get there, as I said I am in the second year of high school, but my current opinion is to go outside Macedonia.


Why are the conditions for innovation development better abroad?


Yes, because the conditions for development of innovation outside the Republic of Northern Macedonia are currently better, but with a short research with my professors we already know that large percentage values, the subconscious of the Republic of Northern Macedonia is rising last year and we are already coming to a European level, where the patents themselves are well enough protected by the law itself and the innovators themselves.


I have to present the chart here, where all hepatitis B patients in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 are presented, by looking well with the green, orange and red colors, in 2019, we are already in the 9th month , how many people are infected with hepatitis B. This information is taken from the internet, as it is not 100% safe, it is constantly changing, but I must mention and remove the viewers from uncertainty, that on September 20, the publication will be presented to the viewers themselves and the guest diagrams and graphs with the greatest possible accuracy, ie with 99.99% accuracy, with the fact that here if you look there is one zero point, and that zero point would be reached if this syringe is produced. Viewers may think it's a mistake, but it's not a mistake. I must say that with the production of the syringe itself, as I said before, contact of the healthcare professional with the patient is not allowed. I personally have experience with the thing and I already have colleagues who have been infected with hepatitis B and I have to say that the thing is terrible.


I previously volunteered in the emergency medical services, in the departments of pediatrics and surgery of our general hospital Borka Taleski, giving me the impression that we, specifically around the world, are not protected as health workers. I must also mention that if abroad, there is an injury to a health worker with an already used needle, there is a whole flow with which that health worker will not be at work for a good two weeks, but will go for tests to see if he is completely healthy. and whether it is primarily safe for incoming patients. With my syringe I am currently claiming that if production occurs, it will all be reduced and hepatitis B and C will be kept to a minimum.


Although there are vaccines, they are not the protection they should provide, ie the 100% protection we deserve. So it is impossible for a person who has dedicated his entire career, studying at medical schools for 6 years, not to mention specialization, from a simple negligence for which he is not guilty, because there are really moments where the seconds of life are at stake, we see everything for something to happen faster, action must be taken because even a simple carelessness can lead to death.


I would also like to mention that the consumption of plastics, on the other graph you can see, the red line shows the current consumption of plastics, the green line at the lowest level shows the consumption of plastics from biodegradable plastics, if there is production from biodegradable plastics , and it is shown with a yellow line if the syringe from our project is produced, there would be savings again and the viewers will see what the intervals are, because even if it is produced in our country from ordinary plastic, we will again have a large amount of plastic savings and I manage to protect the environment in a kind of passive way.


We wish Sasho great success in the further promotion of this patented product and that there will be mass production not only in Macedonia but also in the world and to hope that conditions can still be created for such innovators like you to stay here. , not to see their chance, future and development perspective outside of it.


I personally would hope and that is what not only I want, but also all students who are already going to study abroad, ie in other European countries. On this occasion, as I said, I would invite all citizens of Prilep, health professionals to be present at the publication on September 20, I hope that everything will go as planned and as it has gone so far as lubricated.

Thank you once again and here is the end, as a curiosity we can say that this syringe is the first patented product in the field of medicine in Macedonia after 25 years.



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