Brief Description of the patent



This is a medical device, is a syringe, which solves the problem of the danger of infecting patients and health care workers with diseases that can be transmitted by injecting with an already used needle.

With this new syringe model, you can apply the drug enormously quickly while protecting yourself. It is intended for a single use with only one use practically possible. The dosage is much easier because it has two measuring scales. The volume is 15ml but can be changed as needed is it can be produced in different sizes. The disinfection mechanism is in the syringe, and one of the novelties is that the needle has no contact with the healthcare worker applying the therapy.

The novelty of this model is that it will no longer use wiping the skin with an alcohol swab and also needle fitting which is additional waste of time. This new syringe model has its own disinfectant, the dosage of therapy is easy because there are two measuring scales that allow the most accurate dosage, the time of application of the drug does not exceed one minute,  it is much shorter than in today's models. The healthcare worker has no contact with the patient while injecting the medicine. It is compatible for any type of therapy (muscle, venous ...). It is practical for one use only due to the inserted block preventing reuse. It is compatible for any size of medical needles, specifically intended for rapid intervention, precise and safe. Compared to the usage of older models, where 29.2% of healthcare workers annually suffer from a variety of illnesses such as Hepatitis B, HIV ... With this new model that percentage will be kept to a minimum and the users of this model will be guaranteed protection.



The application of this product is specific in clinical medicine and veterinary and also in dentistry in certain situations. It can be used in all specialties in the field of medicine but would be most needed in emergency medicine, traumatology, military medicine, because it is extremely reliable and fast for use in a very short time. In veterinary it can be extensively applicable because the animals as patients are aggressive, ie they react reflexively and with this model both the animal and the veterinarian are protected. This syringe can be resized to volume, too.



In position A, the model is as it should be in the packaging or bought, by first opening the disinfectant cap and disinfecting the place where we want to apply the drug, then repositioning the cap back on the marker.

After that in position B, we remove the cap from the needle chamber and press with our fingers to the pressure handle where the needle is raised to the surface, then release the needle by rotation, until it is already dictated to the needle chamber, then aspirate the drug by exact dosage.


In position C, we injected the needle under the angle required and pressed the pressure lever as the treatment flowed to the patient, after the needle head was re-fitted to the mechanism and after rotation, we trapped the needle in the pressure handle, pull back and the needle exits the patient and automatically enters the volume capsule without any contact with the external environment.

This is one of the animation simulations, in this situation we have animation where we are giving therapy (IM) with the Jandreev Syringe.