I am Sasho Jandreski, I spent my  childhood in the city where I am born - Prilep, that is one really nice city in Republic of North Macedonia with approximately 75,000 citizens. My parents often say that as a child I was very hyperactive, I always wanted to be the leader of the group and win the games, that I was very communicative and representative ... Today I am a formed person who has set his goal in life and is slowly but surely moving towards achieving that goal. My goal is one day to be a man with a well-formed and happy family and at the same time to be a specialist doctor in emergency medicine-traumatology. Why that area of ​​medicine? I sincerely love the adrenaline and I always want to set challenges that are difficult to meet, but I never give up and do my best to meet that challenge. The biggest challenge of an emergency medicine specialist is to bring the patient back to normal no matter what patient entered through the doors of the emergency centre, his goal and challenge is to bring him back to normal and keep him alive until further treatment.


In my childhood I loved to spend time with my pets, I had a Rottweiler named Donna and I must say that I spent most of my childhood with her. As a person, my colleagues and friends I have worked with say that I am strict and very principled and that I am a player who adheres to the rules, managing to do something unique and uniquely different from others. I often get the question of where my desire for medicine came from, although no one in the family is engaged in that profession, honestly I do not know. But I know that in the fourth grade of elementary school during art class, when the professor would tell us to draw our favourite hero, I would draw the operating room where a surgeon saves someone's life, so that's left as a memory of where my desire for medicine arose. Medicine for me is one of the noblest sciences in this world, the man who has the knowledge to save someone's life and the man who wears a white coat in the eyes of other people should be seen as a hero, why? Because he dedicated his life and career to medicine, working hard and studying in order to reach the desired goal.

My motto is - The future is in all of us !, with the fact that if we ourselves are not in harmony and do not live in peace, then we can not do anything good for our future generations. If humanity is conscious of our future then we should do our best to unite and strengthen our forces and capabilities in order to solve our global problems and live peacefully and conscientiously towards our planet Earth.

While I am with the community and the way of life, I think that if you have a world career and a lot of power and you do not have family and friends who will support you, then you are nobody and nothing. Therefore, family and friends are the only compound that leads to the unravelling of the formula for success in life. I am proud of my family, who are immensely supportive in what I do. My friends are always there, giving me support and advice for the further steps in my life, because of that in order to be successful you need someone who will be by your side and encourage you, because no matter which path of success you choose, you will always you encounter obstacles and problems and that is why family and friends are needed. The path of life is a path with roses, but you must not forget that roses have thorns on which you can injure yourself.