Sasho Jandreski

About me

       I am Sasho Jandreski, from an early age I have ambitions for medicine as a science, everyone says it is very difficult and hard but I consider it one of the most rewarding professions in this world. My friends and colleagues consider me as a person with good communication and interaction, someone who respects and adheres to the rules, a person who likes to take risks, a leader who knows how to organize the team and achieve the goal, also a person who when he sets his goal he does not give up until he achieves it. I am a student who loves natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics... I devote a lot of my free time to research and learning in order to increase my knowledge in the field of medicine and new discoveries.


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Interesting facts about me

I am  winner of the Golden Medal - Archimedes 2020 Moscow, Russia. I won that medal because of my first medical innovation - new type of medical syringes.

I am volunteering in the Red Cross from my 11th year, and every year since 2014 I am winning the first place in the competition of First Aid and Recuse organized by Red Cross Prilep, R.N Macedonia.

I have invented a new type of medical syringe which is protecting the health care workers 100%, and also saves tons and tons medical plastic, that is the MSMJ - Jandreev Syringe.

MSMJ - Jandreev Syringe

      This patent was patented on 20th August 2019, at the Industrial Property Office at Republic of North Macedonia. Innovator is Saso Jandreski, with the goal of this new syringe model is to protect health workers from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. 

      With this new syringe model, you can apply the drug enormously quickly while protecting yourself. It is intended for a single use with only one use practically possible. The dosage is much easier because it has two measuring scales. The volume is 15ml but can be changed as needed is it can be produced in different sizes. The disinfection mechanism is in the syringe, and one of the novelties is that the needle has no contact with the healthcare worker applying the therapy.

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